The role of a benefit advisor is crucial in helping employers select the most suitable benefits for their employees. By investing in the right mix of benefits, employees can experience reduced financial stress. This not only benefits employees but also leads to a more content and productive workforce for employers. A knowledgeable broker or benefits advisor can significantly enhance the value they offer by providing informed guidance on benefit selection.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • The most pressing financial concerns of contemporary employees.
  • Key areas in which employees don’t fully understand how their benefits relate to their financial wellness.
  • How to link several types of benefits – retirement, health, tax-advantaged, life insurance, and lifestyle benefits – to employees' financial wellness.
  • How knowledge about the links between benefits and financial wellness will help brokers recommend the right benefits packages for their employer clients.
Why Benefits are Right When Money is Tight: Making the Link Between Employee Benefits And Employee Financial Wellness

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